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"If there is no struggle, there is no progress."

Federick Douglass  

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Welcome, I'm Jaime, The Special Needs Coach. I have a passion for helping special-needs children, families and communities. I believe that our children's greatest challenges are actually the keys to finding their inner strengths. The struggles they face today do not have to become their "identity" but rather opportunities for them to grow towards their true potential.

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Hi, I am Jaime and I am parent. If you are reading this most likely you are a parent just like me; a parent of a child with special needs. 

I, as many of you are, am raising an extremely bright, absurdly creative and wildly spirited child. My son has many strengths, yet like yours, his "giftedness" comes with many challenges. I am no stranger to these challenges. I am also no stranger to the fears, exhaustion, feelings of lonliness and helplessness that come with meeting the needs of a highly sensitive little person.

I, like you, know what it's like to spend my days (and sometimes my nights) asking "Where does my child fit in?", "What will become of my child?" and "How can I best help my child to succeed in life?"

I, like you, know how frustrating it can be to feel you may never find the answers to these questions.

Fortunately, I have found answers and I would like to share them with you.

I am Jaime, The Special Needs Coach; a clinically trained Social Worker with over a decades worth of experience serving special-needs children and their families, a Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Meditation Teacher, a Certified Parent and Educator Coach.  Most importantly though, I am a parent raising a child with special needs and it is my mission to serve and empower others who are doing the same.

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Parent-Child Coaching

As a parent of a special-needs child both you and I know how vital support services can be to you and your child's well being. When your child is struggling behaviorally and/or emotionally so are you and the assistance of a mental health professional can bring great relief during challenging times.

As a clinically trained Social Worker and Certified Parent and Educator Coach, I am here to support and guide you and your child along your shared journey.  Utilizing a "strengths perspective" I will not only help you to better understand your child's challenges but also identify their unique strengths and discover their "true nature." During our sessions we will work together to create practical solutions to everyday challenges and develop long term plans that will promote positive and lasting change. 

I bring my clients the intuitive wisdom of a parent of a child with special needs as well as the expert advice of a seasoned mental health professional. To learn more about my professional background and experience please click here.

Coaching and Consultation Fee: $125/hr

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Social Skills Empowerment Groups

"Caring comes from the heart not from the head. Embodied literacy refers to the ability to read the language of our heart in order to be fully present in the world for others. This is a deeply personal path to power that enables us each to find liberation by sharing our gifts with the world." - Dr. Stephen Cowan

Social Superheroes Social Skills Empowerment Groups are designed for elementary aged children, first through fifth grade, with diagnoses such as ADHD, SPD, Asperger's Syndrome, High Functioning Autism and Anxiety/Mood Disorders.  The groups provide your child with the opportunity to receive social-emotional support from an expert in the field of childhood mental health and mindfulness.

Social Superheroes is not your typical social skills program. It is an innovative, science-based, social-emotional learning experience that will empower your child by improving their "embodied literacy."  Social Superheroes utilizes the #PowerUp program curriculum, a holistic health education series created by world-renowned Integrative Developmental Pediatrician, Dr. Stephen Cowan. Dr. Cowan's #PowerUp program provides children with simple yet profound ways to achieve healthy cognitive, emotional and physical development. 

During the eight group sessions members will discover where there own strengths and vulnerabilities lie . They will uncover their "secret powers" and learn how to grow this power to become a "true hero" in the world. 

Children will leave Social Superheroes with improved interpersonal communication skills, enhanced self-awareness, boosted self-confidence and an increased ability to experience compassion and empathy. 

Please note: Groups are devised by age.  Parents and caregivers are expected to attend an introductory session (included in program cost) prior to the start of group.

Groups are currently forming at the beautiful Yellow Monkey Village in Cross River, NY.

Current Schedule:

Tuesdays, March 5, 2019 - May 21, 2019

Ages 6-8, 4:30-5:30pm

Ages 9-11, 5:45-6:45pm

Address: 792 NY-35, Cross River, NY 10518

Fee: 12 sessions/$600

Be advised that due to small size of the program, groups will fill quickly. Please contact Jaime to register and/or for more information.  

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School-Based Holistic Health Education

The #PowerUp Program is a science-based, time-tested Holistic Health Education Series designed by world-renowned Integrative Developmental Pediatrician Dr. Stephen Cowan. Dr. Cowan is the author of Fire Child, Water Child and founder of Tournesol Kids, a non-profit organization aimed at helping children achieve healthy cognitive, emotional and physical development.

#PowerUp is an eight session program designed for elementary aged students third grade and up and Educators. The program empowers students, teachers and school professionals by teaching holistic healthy development strategies, such as Embodied Literacy, Growth Mindset and Mindfulness. 

To bring the #PowerUp program into your school or classroom please contact Jaime for more info. 


Yoga Services for Children & Adults

In our modern, fast-paced society stress and stress-related illness have become commonplace. Many of us will, at one point or another, suffer from a stress-related condition. These can include physical ailments such as gastrointestinal issues and chronic headaches as well as mental and emotional symptoms such as anxiety and depression. And its not just adults that are struggling, unfortunately it’s our children as well. Mindfulness-based activities such as yoga, meditation and breathing have been scientifically proven to reduce stress related symptoms by changing the way our minds and bodies respond to stress. When practiced regularly they can create enormous shifts in our overall wellbeing and when started at a young age they can actually shape the way our neurological systems “learn” to respond to stress.


Private Yoga Therapy for Children with Special Needs

If you are a parent of a child with special needs you know how challenging it can be for them to sit still, cope with change, focus, self-regulate, and interact successfully with others. For these children yoga therapy can provide crucial support.

As a certified yoga teacher and trained psychotherapist who specializes in childhood mental health, I use private yoga therapy sessions to teach my littlest clients holistic healthy development strategies that will help them to cope more effectively at home and school. When paired with Parent Coaching services, Yoga Therapy is a comprehensive therapeutic service that can help your child by:

  • Improving overall behavior and focus.

  • Increasing strength, flexibility, balance.

  • Teaching self-regulation and impulse control.

  • Reducing stress and anxiety.

  • Improving self-confidence.

Fee: $75/hour


Individual Yoga Sessions For Adults

As a certified Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher I offer private, individual yoga sessions to clients who might want a more personalized yoga experience. For students who are new to yoga, private yoga sessions are one of the best ways to set a solid foundation for your practice of yoga. For more seasoned yogis, private sessions can help you take your practice to the next level. Lessons will be tailored to focus on each student’s individual needs and interests.

In each private session you will have an opportunity to:

  • Learn proper alignment by understanding the structure and purpose of each pose.

  • Learn proper yogic breathing.

  • Begin understanding your body and what yoga poses would be best suited to build strength and increase flexibility.

  • Get help with healing from injuries and preventing future injuries.

  • Understand how to modify poses in group classes for special conditions or existing injuries

  • Reduce pain from chronic conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

  • Alleviate stress-related symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, depression, irritability.

Fee: $75/hour


Group Yoga Classes for Adults

In addition to private adult and child yoga sessions, I also offer local adult yoga classes in beautiful North Salem, NY. Registration is currently offered through the Town of North Salem Recreation Department. All classes take place at St. James Village Hall in North Salem Center. To register please click here or contact the town via phone @ 914-669-5665. You may also contact Jaime directly for more information.

2018-2019 Class Schedule

Yinyasa Yoga

30 minutes of slow-flow, alignment focused, breath-centered vinyasa yoga followed by 30 minutes of seated yin yoga poses. Suitable for all levels.

Tuesdays - 10am-11:15am

Release, Relax and Restore Yoga

An hour long seasonally focused yin and restorative yoga class designed to open connective tissue, reduce stress and increase mindfulness. Suitable for all level students.

Thursdays - 6:30pm-7:30pm

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of yoga and wellness for adults and children? Click here to access my blog, “The Four Season Family - Seasonally Focused Yoga and Wellness for the Whole Family.”

Professional Experience

I began my career in the field of mental health after obtaining my Masters degree in Social Work From Hunter College in 2002. My passion for helping special-needs children and their families led me to work in both public and private school settings, various mental health organizations and eventually to begin my own private psychotherapy practice.  I devoted my work to treating children, teens and young adults with a wide array of mental health conditions such as ADHD, Aspergers, Anxiety & Mood Disorders and High Functioning Autism.

In pursuit of more integrative and holistic treatments for my clients I became a Registered Yoga and Meditation Teacher through OM Yoga in 2009.  I began weaving my knowledge of the mindful arts into my work offering mindfulness-based social skills groups to children and teens and mindfulness-based stress reduction groups to young adults.  

Most recently I became a Certified Parent and Educator Coach for Tournesol Kids, a non-profit organization that strives to bring embodied literacy into schools and local communities by teaching holistic development strategies to children, parents and educators. 

Today, I continue my work as the The Special Needs Coach. My mission is to support, educate and empower special-needs children, their families and their communities.

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