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Social Skills Empowerment Groups

"Caring comes from the heart not from the head. Embodied literacy refers to the ability to read the language of our heart in order to be fully present in the world for others. This is a deeply personal path to power that enables us each to find liberation by sharing our gifts with the world." - Dr. Stephen Cowan

Social Superheroes Social Skills Empowerment Groups are designed for elementary aged children, first through fifth grade, with diagnoses such as ADHD, SPD, Asperger's Syndrome, High Functioning Autism and Anxiety/Mood Disorders.  The groups provide your child with the opportunity to receive social-emotional support from an expert in the field of childhood mental health and mindfulness.

Social Superheroes is not your typical social skills program. It is an innovative, science-based, social-emotional learning experience that will empower your child by improving their "embodied literacy."  Social Superheroes utilizes the #PowerUp program curriculum, a holistic health education series created by world-renowned Integrative Developmental Pediatrician, Dr. Stephen Cowan. Dr. Cowan's #PowerUp program provides children with simple yet profound ways to achieve healthy cognitive, emotional and physical development. 

During the eight group sessions members will discover where there own strengths and vulnerabilities lie . They will uncover their "secret powers" and learn how to grow this power to become a "true hero" in the world. 

Children will leave Social Superheroes with improved interpersonal communication skills, enhanced self-awareness, boosted self-confidence and an increased ability to experience compassion and empathy. 

Fee: $300/10 sessions.

Please note: Groups are devised by grade so that participants will be with peers of a similar age.  Parents and caregivers are expected to attend an introductory session (included in program cost) prior to the start of group where they will receive the Tournesol Kids #PowerUp curriculum to assist in reinforcing the program at home.  

Groups are forming today. Please visit the registration link to find out the current group schedule and register your child.

Please contact Jaime for more information.