A "New" New Years Resolution

It’s January. The parties are over, the holiday over- indulging is done and the guilt is upon us.  For many of us the post-holiday season is the time we make our new years resolutions.  We may resolve to change unhealthy habits such as consuming too much sugar, junk food or alcohol. We may plan to start exercising and even join a local gym to help motivate us. We may tell ourselves that the year 2019 will be different!  And perhaps it starts out that way. Yet by February, the “new years resolution” gym crowds will start to thin out and by spring most of us will have forgotten what those new years resolutions even were.

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Jaime RocheComment
Winter: The Season of Stillness

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the season of winter is related to the element Water. Similar to a placid body of water, winter appears still, tranquil and reflective. During winter we observe nature coming to rest, conserving its energy and rebuilding its strength in preparation for springs reawakening. And just as winter offers nature this vital opportunity, so are we given this time to turn inwards, reflect and replenish of our mind, body and spirit. As Neil Gumenick says in his article The Season of Water, “Like the seed that cannot sprout until it has gathered sufficient strength, our ideas and plans cannot manifest with strength if our energy is dispersed or drained.”

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Jaime Roche